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David McAllister (front) and Steven Heathcote (rear), in "Gallery" choreographed by Graeme Murphy, The Australian Ballet 1987Carlos Santana at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre, Perth 1973Reg Livermore in "Firing Squad" at Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne 1983Janet Vernon in "Black and Blue" (27/2/1988), Sydney Dance Company, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne. Choreographed by Louis Falco (USA).Don Burrows (circa 1991), The Don Burrows Quartet probably at the Victorian Arts CentreSteve Kearney from Los Trios Ringbarkus, in "A Stretch of the Imagination" by Jack Hibberd (Directed by Lois Ellis), The Fairfax Studio, Victorian Arts Centre 1984Joe Scoglio in rehearsal for the ballet "Field" choreographed by Cliff Keuter, Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide 1978Marcel Marceau in his character Bip the Clown, Festival Theatre, Adelaide 1981Robyn Archer in "Tonight: Lola Blau" by Georg Kreisler, The Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival 1979David Bowie playing saxophone in his Serious Moonlight Tour, VFL Park, Melbourne 1983David McAllister and Steven Heathcote in "Gallery"Phyllis Diller at the Melbourne Comedy FestivalJames Reyne in Australian Crawl performing at the Sidney Myer Music BowlVince JonesTina Turner on Count DownJohn Farnham in Little River BankJon EnglishDon Burrows performing at the Victorian Arts CentreMarcel Marceau as "Bip"Graham Murphy