BESPOKE | Exhibit Your Brand Through Fine Art | Bring Something Special to Your Home

Intersect by David B SimmondsIntersect: Bourke Street by David B Simmonds (2015) was originally created for Wyndham on William. Designed to showcase Melbourne's vibrancy and iconic experiences, this work depicts the beautiful GPO building and the CBD shopping experience.

We create bespoke fine art that enhances and communicates your brand and core essence. Your reception, board room, meeting rooms, training rooms, corridors, public areas and offices are all opportunities to speak visually to your clients, partners and stakeholders. Who you are as a company or business, the qualities of your people, your core values that your clients can depend on. Your story and message can be communicated through beautifully presented artwork that functions as far more than décor.

Of course, these images can also bring beauty, vibrance, inspiration and imagination to your working and living environments, enhancing windowless office spaces etc. Or just bringing energy, colour and mood into your personal spaces.

The Process

Combining photography and design, we create beautiful bespoke pieces, consulting directly and/or in creative collaboration with your interior designer.

We meet with you, listen and work with you to gain an understanding of your company’s brand, core values and what stories you want the images to tell. To discover what aesthetic and visual energy best suits your working and living spaces. We assess the interior spaces you want to enhance to determine the size, scale, colour palettes and presentations that work best for you.

More Than an Art Installation

Images can also be licensed for other uses such as print, web, social media, advertising, displays etc, giving a unique and distinctive look to all your visual communications. 

Our Folio

Click on this image to see our folio of completed installations and find out more about us. Or you can download it from here.

In this publication you'll see how we've worked with various clients to fulfil the vision of their company stories, from concept through creative, photography, design and installation.